Thursday, June 11, 2009

Would you rather have an old shark or a fresh one?

Thompson contends that the best artists to look for in order to gain a successful investment are in the category of conceptual innovators or young geniuses (Thompson, 248). Do you agree with this broad generalization?

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  1. Thompson's comment would have to be couched in temporal terms. Over the long haul, go with an experimental innovator. If you're in for the short, go w/ conceptual artists.

    To put it in more concrete terms, Dr. Jacobs saw his art work for the collection as an investment but did not have an absolute turnaround time for that investment. He does not sit and check the market price of Helen Frankenthaler's work everyday.

    However, I would say, overall, that art is a good investment, but that should never be the reason for purchase.