Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Define Art....

Please define within your own words. (Not by a textual source)


  1. Art for me is more of a process, a way of creating a visual realm. The act of creation that forces me to channel my excessive creative energy into something that is productive and alive. Sure for some art is the final product, but for me it is also the long nights of deep concentration, labor, and warping medias on tattered surfaces.

  2. The practice of expressing oneself, in a medium that yields itself to the interaction with and the interpretation of others. Whether visual, literary, musical, or otherwise.

  3. Visual form that is given meaning -- i.e. similar to Arthur Danto's "embodied meaning". Art just has to be about something in order to "be". Well, at least according to Danto, circa 1984.

    Other than his words, I could add quite a bit, but his insight has informed my own thoughts on the matter since I head him, with Boris, at the CAA meeting in 2005.