Friday, May 22, 2009

Images and Quotations: PART TWO

“I want to approach the final painting with a clear idea of what must happen.”-Robert Mangold, quoted form Robert Mangold, same author, p. 163.

Robert Mangold, Semi-circle III, 1995
* * * *

“[I] simply copied the photographs in paint and aimed for the greatest possible likeness to photography... conscious thinking is eliminated.”-Gerhard Richter, quoted from the Daily Practice of Painting, by same author, pp. 23, 30.

Gerhard Richter, Abstraktes Bild 742-2, 1991

* * * *
“It was late at night and I suddenly had the idea of projecting an image onto canvas... I owned no projector but was so excited by the idea that I called a friend who immediately responded to the urgency of my request... This was the beginning. It opened up a new way of seeing and working.”-Audrey Flack, quoted from Gourma-Peterson’s Breaking the Rules, p. 60.

Audrey Flack, Wheel of Fortune, 1977-78
* * * *
“It was an enormous freedom to be premeditated about my art... I was more interested in the end result than I was in the means to an end.”-Ed Ruscha quoted from Benezra’s and Brougher’s Ed Ruscha, p. 146.

Ed Ruscha, Standard Station, 1966
* * * *
“My goal was to make the image perfect, not mechanical... but in the sense of being exactly as I intended it.”-Bridget Riley quoted from Kimmelman’s, “Modern Op,” p.48.

Bridget Riley, Aurulum, 1978

* * * *

“The essential thing is to avoid the urge to do it all too quickly, try, try again, and get it right.”-Claude Monet quoted from Kendall’s, Monet by Himself, p. 178.
Claude Monet, Impression - Sunrise, 1874

* * * *

“At the start I see my subject in a sort of haze. I know perfectly well that what I will see in it later is there all the time, but it only becomes apparent after a while.”-Auguste Renoir quoted from Renoir, My Father, p. 188.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Moulin de la Galette, 1876

* * * *

“Every form I ever used constituted itself ‘of its own accord’” with a form frequently “constituting itself actually in the course of work, often to my own surprise.”-Wassily Kandinsky quoted from Lindsay’s and Vergo’s, Kandinsky, p. 370.

Wassily Kandinsky, Transverse Line, 1923
* * * *

“In order to be successful, it is necessary never to work toward a conception of the picture completely thought out in advance. Instead, one must give oneself completely to the developing portion of the area to be painted.”-Paul Klee quoted from Klee’s Diaries of Paul Klee, 1898-1918, pp. 236-37.

Paul Klee, Fire in the Evening, 1929
* * * *

“I don’t want pictures, I just want to find things out.”-Piet Mondrian quoted from Holty’s “Mondrian in New York,” p. 21.
Piet Mondrian, Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue, 1927

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